Poetic Voice and Commodity Culture in Letitia Landon’s ‘Medallion Wafers and “I mend a break in time:” H.D.’s Healing Prophecy in What Do I Love? (Seminar, 2nd December)

Inventions of the Text Seminar 3Join two speakers for the next Inventions of the Text seminar, in which Clara Dawson (University of Manchester) will look at the poetry of Letitia Landon, and Abeer Al-Mahdawi (Durham University) will explore the work of H.D. All postgraduates and staff from relevant departments around the UK are welcome to attend. The seminar begins at 17:30 on 2nd December, in the Department of English Studies, Hallgarth House.

Dr Clara Dawson is an alumni of Durham University and a former convener of Inventions. Her main research interest is in the poetry of the long nineteenth century, and she has published on poetry from the Romantic period to the First World War. Her research focuses on the relationship between poetic forms and other kinds of cultural discourse such as the periodical review and the newspaper.

The second speaker, Abeer Al-Mahdawi, is a PhD candidate at Durham University. Her thesis is about eschatology in modern American poetry concentrating on the Confessional Poets like Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, Randall Jarrell, Anne Sexton, Elizabeth Bishop and John Berryman.

Future seminars in this series will follow the broad theme of Religion, Secularisation, Transcendence. Follow this blog or the Inventions of the Text website and Facebook page for more details, or contact the convenor, Sharon Tai.


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