Happy National Poetry Day 2015

Act1Today, 8th October, is National Poetry Day – the nationwide celebration of poetry and all things poetical. This year, you’re invited to speak, think, act, love, live and dream “like a poet”. Get inspired by listening to some of our poetry recordings and talks, or by coming along to some of the fantastic poetry events happening in Durham over the next few weeks.

Take a trip back into the world of one of our greatest Romantic poets, and explore the love, life and imagination of Percy Bysshe Shelley:

Spend an evening in the company of T.S. Eliot and friends, as Jason Harding and Gareth Reeves read and talk through some of the best verse of the twentieth century:

If you already enjoy poetry, or study it at school or university, take the next step from reading to writing. Poets John Clegg and Gareth Reeves explain how their research into poetry inspires their writing, and how writing poetry can give us a better insight into the poets we love:

If you want to get started writing poetry, why not sign up for a poetry workshop with the Firm of Poets coming to Durham Book Festival? Alternatively, come along to one of the Festival readings, from established poets such as the Festival laureate Sinéad Morrisey, to the up-and-coming generation of young women poets.

We have loads more articles and podcasts on poetry here on the blog. Also keep an eye on the events and readings run by our Centre for Poetry and Poetics over the course of the year. Happy writing like a poet!


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