Imagining Vikings Revisited

Vikings! The word possibly conjures up images of fur-clad warriors, swords drawn, charging from a longship to raid a village. During his week curating a twitter series on #imaginingvikings, Thomas Spray explored the ways in which Vikings are portrayed today, and how the historical reality is more complex than popular culture often presents it. Here are some of the interesting things we discovered this week.

Children’s of the 1950s grew up with a version of Norsemen on their screens

but if you want to watch some more credible (and somewhat gory) Vikings, you could do worse than this

If as an adult reader you enjoy reading or watching Game of Thrones, it might not surprise you to know that

but before George R.R. Martin got in on the action, it was nineteenth-century writers who really laid the ground for our modern fascination with Vikings. For example

Here are the rest of Thomas Spray’s tweets about the Vikings as they have been imagined and re-imagined over the years. If you have a favourite book or film about Vikings, let us know by tweeting us @readdurham or by commenting below.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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