English Events in May 2015

Our English Events newsletter for May 2015 is now available. The newsletter lists a wide variety of literature-related events taking place at Durham University and across the wider North East region. The newsletter will be updated over the coming month as more events are added to external websites.

Highlights at Durham University this month include a day of lectures on topics ranging from werewolves in medieval literature to jazz in the novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald; two Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies’ conferences on Abnormality and the Abnormal and Progress and Duration of the Long Nineteenth Century; and a seminar on voices in experimental fiction.

Further afield, the White Review comes to Newcastle with an evening of readings; Lewis Carroll’s biographer, Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, sets off in search of wonderland; and Newcastle goes noir with a weekend of talks and workshops from leading crime writers at the Lit and Phil.

This is just a taste of the wide array of events taking place in our region. For full listings and updates, see our newsletter, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


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