Announcement: The Letters of William Godwin and the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Pamela Clemit

The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is working with The Letters of William Godwin, edited by Pamela Clemit (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011-), to bring new information about Godwin and his correspondence networks to a wider readership.

Two of the six volumes of The Letters of William Godwin have now been published. Already the edition has expanded Godwin’s circle, bringing new correspondents and associates to light. These figures have been identified – often for the first time – in Pamela Clemit’s scholarly annotations. In this way, the edition is redefining our sense of the national narrative.

William Godwin Digital ID: 1660426. New York Public LibraryMen and women of all social backgrounds read Godwin’s An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice. Many of them wrote to him for advice on how to put its principles into practice in their own lives. From provincial women poets and amateur lexicographers to philosophical travellers, Godwin’s correspondents came from all regions of Britain.

An essential resource for the edition…

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