Postgraduate English Journal Call for Submissions (28th February)

PGEYou are cordially invited to submit articles to the 30th edition of the Postgraduate English Journal, Durham University’s online peer-reviewed literary journal. This is one of the longest-running online postgraduate literary journals in the UK, and in recent years the journal has received reprint requests from academic publishers.

Early-career researchers/academics and postgraduates are invited to submit papers of 5 – 7,000 words by Saturday 28th February 2015. We welcome contributions from any area of literary research to reflect a wide diversity of interests.

Book reviews of less than 2,000 words are also welcome. Please contact the editors in advance with details of the book you wish to review. When submitting your work, please include the name of your institution, the full title of your programme, and the title of the essay, as well as an email address and keywords for reference.

Lastly, we are also happy to advertise postgraduate conferences in the UK and Europe on request.

For more information about the journal, and to read current and previous issues, please visit:

To view the journal’s submission guidelines, please visit our website:

Please send submissions and Forum content to the editors, Sarah Lohmann and Sreemoyee Roy Chowdhury, via


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