Podcast: Launch of The Letters of William Godwin, Volume II: 1798-1805

Pamela Clemit

IMG_5811The Letters of William Godwin, Volume II: 1798-1805 was published in 2014. The launch was celebrated by a colloquium at Wolfson College, Oxford, on 18th November. The event was co-sponsored by OUP and the TORCH Enlightenment Correspondences Network. Listen to the podcast below, or download it here.

The four talks (10-15 minutes each) highlight the breadth and diversity of Godwin’s life and correspondence, 1798-1805. They are:

  • Pamela Clemit (2:50), on Godwin’s struggle with the challenges of adversity and reinvention of himself as a ‘Romantic’ writer and small businessman
  • Mark Philp (15:40), on Godwin’s courtship letters to Harriet Lee and Maria Reveley, and what they tell us about norms of propriety in the period
  • Jenny McAuley (34:50), on Godwin’s descriptive journal-letters home from Ireland, which he visited in the summer of 1800
  • Jon Mee (46:14), on Godwin’s epistolary response to attacks by former friends and allies who turned against him at the end…

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