English Events in November 2014

Our English Events newsletter for November 2014 is now available. The newsletter lists a wide variety of literature-related events taking place at Durham University and across the wider North East region. The newsletter will be updated over the coming month as more events are added to external websites. Please follow our Twitter feed or Facebook page for the latest news.

Highlights at Durham University this month include the start of three of our seminar series: Inventions of the Text, MA research seminars, and staff and postgraduate research seminars. The Institute of Advanced Study’s annual theme of “emergence” will be explored in a lecture by David Herman, on narratives about animal species, whilst Marco Bernini and Rebecca Bitenc discuss the changing representations of mind and illness in literature. The English Society will host a provocative debate about whether literature can still be “dangerous” in the Western world, whilst in a similarly political vein Stephen Regan will explore Northern Irish poetry after the ceasefire.

The end of November also sees two major festivals of literature and culture in Newcastle. The Being Human Festival includes a number of public lectures and exhibitions, as well as an evening at an eighteenth-century coffee house and a debate about banning Byron’s books. Lastly, from Northern crime to tales of triffids, the Newcastle Book Festival returns with a wide variety of events for all readers.

This is just a taste of the wide array of events taking place in our region. For full listings, check out our newsletter, as well as other regional sources such as New Writing North.


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