Listen Out This Halloween

Happy Halloween! It may be just be a bit of fun when little terrors trot the streets, and people dress as their favourite characters. However, the history, fiction, and myths about vampires, ghosts, and other weird happenings can be seriously interesting. Sink your teeth into these podcasts about how spooky narratives can reveal as much about ourselves as they do about another world “out there.”

Myths about vampires and poltergeists can be found in cultures around the world, whilst accounts of spooky phenomenon still appear to this day. Are these things just a figment of people’s over-active imaginations? Or can modern psychology and physics help to explain the way they continue to make their presence felt? Richard Sugg scrutinises a series of tales to find out.[MP3 version]

Bodysnatching. The word may conjure up images of gravediggers creeping through cemeteries to disinter corpses, but in fantasy literature it can also signify a hostile takeover of the body, when a character turns out to be someone else beneath the skin. Lauren Owen takes us through a motley crew of vampires, aliens, and body doubles from Dracula to Buffy, where people are not always who or what they appear to be. [MP3 version]

Join David Varley on a tour through the weird, wacky and uncanny landscapes of the novelist H.P. Lovecraft, whose fictions have inspired numerous films, comic books, and novels…as well as cuddly Cthulhu dragons.

James Quinnell examines the haunting world of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. More than mere ghosts, the spectres of the moors express a longing for home and for a greater connection between the living and the dead.

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