Register Now for “When the Lamps When Out: H.G. Wells and His World on the Eve of the War”

wotwRegistration is now open for the annual H. G. Wells Society Conference, which will take place at Palace Green Library, Durham University on 27th September 2014. It will feature plenary lectures by Professor Matthew Pateman (Sheffield Hallam University) and Megan Shepherd (author of The Madman’s Daughter), and the panels and papers below. A registration form can be downloaded here.

26 September

27 September

9.30 Registration
9.55 Welcome
10.00-11.10 Professor Matthew Pateman
11.10-11.30 Coffee
11.30-13.00 Panels
Panel 1: Political Propheteering
Paul Vlitos, ‘Literature and the Business of Life: C. F. G. Masterman as Reader of H.G. Wells’
Harry Wood, ‘Competing Prophets: H. G. Wells, George Griffith, and Visions of Future War, 1893-1914’
Julia Stapleton, ‘The Battle of Plutocracy:  G. K. Chesterton, Wells, Masterman and the Future of British Democracy’
Panel 2 (Deane Room): Cultural Geographies
Michael Sherborne, ‘Educating Heinrich: HG Wells and the Germans 1866-1916’
Hadas Elber-Arvam, ‘“My Own Particular City”: H. G. Wells’s Love-hate relationship with London
Jan Van Velk, ‘Insight’s Perseverance: Mr. Britling Sees It Through and H. G. Wells’s Two Crises’
13.00-13.45 Lunch
13.45-15.15 Panels
Panel 3 Divisions of Opinion – Writing Opposition
Linda Dryden, ‘The Shape of War to Come: Of War and Mr Wells/ Of War and Mr Conrad’
Gareth Reeves, ‘An Author Divided? Canonical Anxiety in H. G. Wells’s Edwardian Fiction’
Maria Kozyreva, ‘H. G.Wells and G. K. Chesterton – Two Men, Two Worlds’
Panel 4 (Deane Room): War Games
Matthew Wraith, ‘Swarming and Multiplying: H.G. Wells, War and Swarm Intelligence’
Michael Shallcross, ‘Guiding the Cowboys Back to Reality: H.G. Wells, G.K. Chesterton, Wyndham Lewis, and the Game of War’
Mariateresa Franza, ‘“Mankind versus Ironmongery”: Machinery and Wargaming in H.G. Wells’s “The Land Ironclads”’
15.15-15.30 Tea Break
Panel 5 Technologies of Tales
Rinni Haji-Amran, ‘Towards the Establishment of a World Government: H.G. Wells’s Response to Aeronautical Developments in Britain, 1898-1936’
Jeremy Withers, ‘Bert Smallways’s Sandals (and Why They Matter)’
Genie Babb, ‘The “Chancy Wheel” of the “Machinery of Fate”: Chance and Change in The Wheels of Chance, The History of Mr. Polly, and Ann Veronica’
Megan Shepherd (author of The Madman’s Daughter)
Conference Dinner (tbc)

Venue and accommodation

The conference will be held at Palace Green Library:

To find accommodation in the Durham area the first website below provides a comprehensive list. Unless you have your own transport we recommend staying in Durham City, or if you are happy with a short train ride of 15 minutes or so and you would like the bright lights, Newcastle city centre. We cannot vouch for all of the accommodation listed here, and although some establishments give you the option of booking through the sites below, some places will prefer it if you book with them directly, so probably wisest to contact them to confirm availability.
This is Durham
Durham Visitor Contact Centre
Newcastle Tourist Information
Search for Durham hotels
Search for Durham bed and breakfast



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