The Inner Voices of Writers and Readers

August_Natterer_Meine_Augen_zur_Zeit_der_ErscheinungenWriters’ Inner Voices, a collaboration between Hearing the Voice and the Edinburgh International Book Festival, will help us to understand the ways in which writers and storytellers hear or imagine the voices of their characters and to explore what role this plays in the literary-creative process more broadly.

Many of us will recognise the experience of hearing, in our mind’s ear, the voices of people known to us. Memories of ferocious school teachers, passionate declarations of love, the everyday catchphrases of friends, and even the idiosyncratic trill of loud-mouthed celebrities – our minds are sometimes populated with a jumble of voices, each with its own distinctive auditory qualities.

So what’s it like to bring a new voice into being? And might writers – in the course of creating characters, imagined or historical – be uniquely well-placed to shed light on this? To understand these questions, Writers’ Inner Voices is surveying and interviewing writers at the Edinburgh Book Festival. To find out more, visit the project blog, follow via twitter, or see this report in The Guardian.


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