When Durham Welcomed James I … (and Courted Controversy)

392px-James_I_of_England_404446The Records of Early English Drama North -East project presents its latest “Flower of the Month” – an intriguing find from the archives of the region. This month’s “Flower” offers a different perspective on the visit of King James I, as described in a previous post.

James I visited Durham in 1617 on his way to Scotland and was welcomed into the city with all due pomp and ceremony. However, behind the scenes there had been a conflict raging in the city between the Bishop and the civic authorities, with each side accusing the other of encroaching on rights accorded by the Charter. On Holy Saturday, after his “official” welcome by the Bishop and civic authorities, a controversial poem was delivered to the King by a city apprentice. It outlined some of the injustices felt by the civic authorities in a way that could be disowned if necessary.

To read the challenging poem and more about its context visit the Records of Early English Drama North-East blog.


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