English Events in July 2014

Our English Events newsletter for July 2014 is now available. The newsletter lists a wide variety of literature-related events taking place at Durham University and across the wider North East region. The newsletter will be updated over the coming month as more events are added to external websites. Please follow our Twitter feed or Facebook page for the latest news.

This month seems to be academic conference season, with several taking place in the region. The Fashionable Diseases project hosts Medicine, Literature and Culture, 1660-1832 at Newcastle and Northumbria. Overlapping this period of interest, Making, Breaking and Transgressing Boundaries: Europe in Romantic Writing, 1775-1830 runs in the middle of the month.

Looking further back historically, Durham’s Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies holds its annual conference, On the Fringes: Outsiders and Otherness in the Medieval and Early Modern Worlds. Looking forwards, the Centre for Humanities Innovation presents its Visions for the New Humanities on 7th and 8th July.

Before all these take place, however, the Centre for Medical Humanities presents a discussion on Painting Portraits: Challenges of Being Looked at, and of Looking at Disfigurement, in association with the Durham Light Infantry Museum. The evening will include a reading by the Booker-prize-winning novelist, Pat Barker.

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  1. Do you post anywhere about when Durham professors speak at conferences elsewhere etc? Eg London area? Interested as an alumni.




    1. Hi Briony,

      We don’t post about visiting lectures and conferences generally, simply because people go to so many that it would be hard to keep track. However, we do post about special events (such as Professor Patricia Waugh’s invited British Academy lecture (https://readdurhamenglish.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/fiction-as-therapy-towards-a-neo-phenomenological-theory-of-the-novel/) so watch out for these. Also, if there is anyone or any topic you’re especially interested in, let us know and I can send you details if we have them.

      Thanks for your interest!



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