John Keats and His Circle: The First Keats Foundation Conference (London, 2nd to 4th May)

keatsThe first John Keats Foundation conference will take place at Keats House in London from 2nd to 4th May. The conference is co-organised by Sarah Wootton, alongside Nicholas Roe and Richard Marggraf Turley.

The Keats Foundation, Keats House, Hampstead, is delighted to announce its first two-day conference, ‘John Keats and his Circle’, to be held at Keats House, Hampstead. Keats House – originally Wentworth Place – was where John Keats lived from December 1818 until he left for Naples and Rome in September 1820. It was here that many of Keats’s greatest poems were written, including the spring odes of 1819, and it was here that Keats passed some of his happiest times with Fanny Brawne. Nearby are Well Walk, where the Keats brothers formerly lived; Pond Street, where B. R. Haydon retreated after strenuous bouts of painting; the Vale of Health, where Keats visited Leigh Hunt; and the rolling landscape and ponds of Hampstead Heath.

Panels and talks will range across Keats’s work, the influences on his poetry, and his afterlives in literature, the visual arts, and popular culture.

The full programme can be downloaded here. Registration starts from £20; to register, visit the Keats Foundation website.


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