English Events in March 2014

Our English Events newsletter for March 2014 is now available. The newsletter lists a wide variety of literature-related events taking place at Durham University and across the wider North East region. The newsletter will be updated over the coming month as more events are added to external websites. Please follow our Twitter feed or Facebook page for the latest news.

Highlights at Durham University this month include several Inventions of the Text seminars, on topics ranging from widows in literature, to robots and the fantastic, to video games and The Sopranos. On 8th March, International Women’s Day, Durham hosts an international conference on gender, the body and text. On 19th, the Department of English Studies will also host a public lecture by Alexander Waugh, talking about his grandfather, Evelyn.

Elsewhere, the annual Bloodaxe Poetry Lectures see Gwyneth Lewis explore Quantum Poetics, looking not for the science in poetry but a science of the art form itself.

If you have missed past English-related events within Durham University, you can download podcasts from our Public Lectures page.

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