Tom Pickard: The Annual Basil Bunting Memorial Reading

POSTER Tom Pickard Reading black background copyThe Annual Basil Bunting Memorial Reading presents: Tom Pickard: A Reading and Discussion. This event takes place on 27th February, 19:30, in Alington House, 4 North Bailey, Durham.

One of the country’s greatest working poets, Tom Pickard was born in Newcastle. In his teens he met Basil Bunting, and encouraged him to pick up his pen again, leading to the publication of Bunting’s most famous poem, Briggflatts. Tom and Connie Pickard set up the Morden Tower reading series, bookshop and performance space in Newcastle in the 1960s, where famous poets, musicians and artists from all over the world have gathered and performed ever since. Tom’s first book, High on the Walls, was first published in 1967, and much work – including prose work and films – followed. His most recent work includes a folk opera collaboration with John Harle, The Ballad of Jamie Allen, which recounts the story of a notorious border character (who died in prison under Elvet Bridge); and The Dark Months of May (Flood Editions, 2004). His eagerly-awaited collected poems and songs, Hoyoot, is due out this year on Carcanet Press.

We are honoured and delighted to invite you to attend this reading, followed by a short discussion. The event, plus drinks reception, is free and open to all. Organised in collaboration with The Durham University Centre for Poetry and Poetics. Any queries should be directed to Annabel Haynes.

If you like the work of Tom Pickard or Basil Bunting, you may also enjoy Annabel’s podcast on the work of the Morden Tower group in the 1960s: Howling From the City Walls: Poetry and Counter-Culture in 1960s Newcastle.

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