Postgraduate English Call for Papers (Deadline Feb. 28th)

Postgraduate English is a professionally reviewed journal for postgraduate students of English, which has been publishing research since 2000. The Call for Papers for the March issue has now been released.

Postgraduates are invited to submit papers of not more than 7,000 words for Issue 28 of Postgraduate English. Contributors are not confined to a particular theme, the better to reflect a diversity of interests. Papers, in MLA style, must be received no later than 28th February 2014.

We also invite book reviews for this issue. Please contact the editors in advance with details of the book you wish to review.

When submitting your work, please put the name of your institution, the full title of your programme, and the title of the essay, and include an email address and keywords for reference. The journal’s submission guidelines can be found here. The journal publishes via the Open Journal Systems platform, with papers licensed under Creative Commons.

Please send submissions and Forum content to the editors, Yuexi Liu and Hazel Monforton, via


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