“A Vehicle of Private Malice”: Eliza Hamilton Dunlop and The Sydney Herald, by Professor Duncan Wu

EH DunlopThe latest seminar in the series “Making A Darkness Visible: The Literary Moment, 1820-1840” will feature a talk by Professor Duncan Wu about Eliza Hamilton Dunlop. Dunlop was an Irish-born poet who emigrated to Australia, where she wrote extensively about the Aboriginals she encountered. 

Duncan Wu is Professor of English at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., before which he was Professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. Professor Wu is a leading authority on British Romanticism, especially Wordsworth, Hazlitt and Charles Lamb, and his books include Wordsworth: An Inner Life (Blackwell, 2002) and William Hazlitt: The First Modern Man (OUP, 2008). He is also the editor of the hugely popular Romanticism: An Anthology, now its fourth edition (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012).

This is the latest event in the series “Making A Darkness Visible: The Literary Moment, 1820-1840.” Seminars sponsored by the British Academy run more or less monthly during 2013, and feature invited speakers of international distinction to address the two decades habitually regarded as an interval or fringe dividing Romanticism and Victorianism.

All are welcome to attend this event, which takes place on 11th October at 17.00, in the Department of English Studies, Hallgarth House Seminar Room. Please contact Dr Peter Garratt (peter.garratt@durham.ac.uk) to reserve a place.

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