Book Launch of Two Previously Unpublished R.L. Stevenson Juvenilia

RL StevensonJoin us for the launch of a new book, featuring two previously unpublished writings by Robert Louis Stevenson, followed by a lecture on juvenilia. The event takes place at 19.30 on 11th September, in the Kenworthy Hall, St. Mary’s College.

Everyone is welcome to the launch of a new small volume containing previously unpublished writings by Robert Louis Stevenson produced between the ages of six and twelve. Two travel accounts, both imaginary and real , anticipating his later love of foreign adventure are now in print in this volume. The writings are: ‘The American Travellers’ (1857) which is imaginary, and ‘Travels in Perthshire’ (1859) a real journey Robert took with his family from Edinburgh. The small volume also includes two Biblical retellings by young Robert: ‘History of Moses’ and ‘The Book of Joseph’ which are available elsewhere. It is normally priced at £10 but will be available at £8 for the launch.

The book launch will be followed by a public lecture by the book’s editor, Professor Christine Alexander, on the broader subject of the history of the study in the field of literary juvenilia to which she has devoted her academic life. The lecture is titled, “In Search of Juvenilia: A Survey of the Birth, Childhood and Growth of a New Genre.”

This lecture and book launch form part of the Literary Juvenilia conference, organised by Dr Gillian Boughton, which runs from 11th to 14th September.


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