English Events in September 2013

Our English Events newsletter for September 2013 is now available. The newsletter lists a wide variety of literature-related events taking place at Durham University and across the wider North East region. The newsletter will be updated over the coming month as more events are added to external websites. Please follow our Twitter feed or Facebook page for the latest news.

Highlights at Durham University this month include four Late Summer Lectures, on Irish pilots in poetry, the lunatic vistas of H.P. Lovecraft, the “monkey business” of print culture, and demons in the middle ages. There is also a one-day conference on rhyme in English poetry from the seventeenth century to the present.

Elsewhere, PhD students at Northumbria University are running the Northumbria Summer Speaker Series, which this month features talks on vampires and nineteenth-century popular entertainment, while a one-day conference at Newcastle University explores the representation of race and beauty in South America and the Caribbean.

A reminder that October 2013 sees the start of Durham Book Festival, with numerous talks, lectures and activities. For those events with which the Department of English Studies is involved, see this blog post.

For full listings, and for details of how to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, visit our English Events in Durham and the North East page. Regular reminders and event updates are also posted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

If you have missed past English-related events within Durham University, you can download podcasts from our Public Lectures page.


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