Late Summer Lecture Series Returns to Durham and Newcastle

Image designed by Lorna Urwin

The Late Summer Lecture Series returns to Durham and Newcastle in 2013. Postgraduate research or postdoctoral students in the Departments of English at Durham and Newcastle Universities are invited to submit proposals in response to the call for papers below. The deadline for abstracts is Thursday, 4th July, 2013.

This lecture series aims to showcase doctoral and postdoctoral research in the Departments of English at Durham and Newcastle Universities. By participating in the series, research students have the opportunity to present and effectively communicate scholarly papers to a highly diverse academic and non-academic audience. Presentations will take place twice a week: once in Durham and once at Newcastle University from the period of 13th August to 2nd October.

Lectures should be 45 minutes long.  Joint lecture proposals of an hour’s duration are also welcome.  A contributor ought to choose a topic within their expertise; this may include research concerning your thesis, a side project, or a personal literary pursuit.  However, such material must be designed to provide an accessible introduction to non-specialists.  In order to generate ongoing interest for our attendees, we are especially keen on topics with some element of popular appeal.  Be creative!  A catchy title can give a clear idea of the lecture’s contents whilst giving a new means to structure your presentation of scholarly work.

Our target audience reflects the nature of this lecture series as a public outreach project, aiming to inform and interact with those working outside of the university environment.  This may include Durham/Newcastle postgraduates across all academic disciplines, Durham/Newcastle university staff, local book clubs and library users, local schools, the Centre for Lifelong Learning (Newcastle and Stockton), locally based Durham/Newcastle alumni, and local community members. 

Please submit your lecture proposal of 300 words maximum with a tentative title and your availability from 13th August to 2nd October by the deadline above. Our e-mail is

When indicating your availability, remember that each lecture will be delivered twice and as such you should be available on both a Tuesday and a Wednesday of your proposed lecture week.

We will select proposals in collaboration with members of staff and hope to issue a programme by late July.

In order to make the lectures viable for widespread access, the audio portion of your presentation will be recorded and uploaded to the Internet with your consent.  If you wish to opt out or have other concerns, please include a note with your proposal.  We respect your privacy and will make all necessary accommodations for speakers and audience members. Recordings of some of last year’s lectures can be heard here.

For more information about Late Summer Lectures 2013, please feel free to say hello at latesummerlectures@gmail.comFor updates on the series and event announcements, visit our social media outlets on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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