Join the Editorial Board of the Postgraduate English Journal


The Postgraduate English journal is seeking new members to join its prestigious editorial board

Postgraduate English is a professionally reviewed journal for postgraduate students of English. In addition to scholarly articles, the journal also invites book reviews, reflections on postgraduate teaching, and free-wheeling polemics on all things academic, from intramural malfeasance to the education cuts.

The journal recently launched its 26th issue. From issue 27 onwards, the journal will be moving to an Open Journal Systems publishing platform. This will ensure that all past and future issues of the journal are securely preserved and well indexed, thus guaranteeing the journal’s ongoing prominence as a space for publishing by and for postgraduate and early-career researchers.

If you are interested in joining the prestigious Editorial Board at this exciting time in the journal’s history, please email the advisory editor, Timothy Clark, with a copy of your CV and details of your research interests. Members of the Editorial Board are asked to peer-review journal submissions, and to offer a “First Response” which will be publicly visible on published articles. From time to time, members of the Editorial Board may be called on to offer informed advice as to the journal’s aims and organisation.


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