The Future of British Fiction

The Review of Contemporary FictionA special issue of the journal The Review of Contemporary Fiction, edited by Professor Patricia Waugh and Jennifer Hodgson, considers the vitality (or otherwise) of the British novel today.

Bringing together writers, literary critics, and academics, this issue on “The Future of British Fiction” aims to challenge fossilized approaches to British contemporary fiction. It attests to the vitality (or otherwise) of the British novel today. Contributors such as China Miéville, Stewart Home, Jim Crace, Maureen Freely and Vic Sage pose difficult questions about the status of the literary in contemporary Britain – where it has been, and where it is going.

The journal Review of Contemporary Fiction features critical essays on fiction writers whose work resists convention and easy categorization. The Review‘s aesthetic focus is on literature that might be considered experimental or avant-garde, with a view to bringing this aesthetic to a wider audience. Uniquely, this special issue of The Review of Contemporary Fiction is devoted to contemporary British fiction, exploring the innovative tendencies that can be found within British literary culture.

In a parallel exploration of the state of innovative British writing, Patricia Waugh and Jennifer Hodgson also recently authored an article on “The Exaggerated Reports of a Decline in British Fiction,” in the journal The White Review. You can hear them discuss their reasons for a renewed interest in innovative literature in this podcast on READ.

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