Professor Richard Cronin Lectures in British Academy Series, “Making A Darkness Visible: The Literary Moment 1820-40”

Millais_leavesProfessor Richard Cronin (University of Glasgow) will be lecturing on Friday 18th January as part of a British Academy series on the nineteenth century.

After the lecture, responses will be presented by Professor Michael O’Neill (Durham University) and Dr David Stewart (Northumbria University), and questions then taken from the floor.

This is the first of a series of seminars sponsored by the British Academy that will run more or less monthly during 2013, under the title “Making A Darkness Visible: The Literary Moment 1820-40.” The events will feature invited speakers of international distinction to address the two decades habitually regarded as an interval or fringe dividing Romanticism and Victorianism.

The lecture takes place on Friday 18th January, at 5.00pm, in the Birley Room at Hatfield College.

Immediately preceding this event is a meeting of the North East Forum in Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Studies. In the first hour, Oliver Clarkson (Durham University) will be talking about “Shadows of Language in The Ruined Cottage.” After the coffee break, Robert Jones (Leeds) will give a paper entitled “Staging Richard Coeur de Lion: Gothic Politics and Whig Theatricals at Drury Lane.”

The seminar runs from 3.00-5.00pm, in the Williams Library of St. Chad’s College. This venue is only a few minutes walk from the location for the British Academy lecture.

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