Readings By Durham Book Festival’s Poet Laureate, Lorna Goodison

The Department of English Studies works with Durham Book Festival to appoint the Festival Laureate. This year’s laureate, the Jamaican poet Lorna Goodison, will be appearing in two public readings.

Born in Jamaica, where
 she grew up as one of nine 
children, Lorna Goodison is 
one of the most distinguished
 writers of her generation. She
 teaches in the Department
 of English and the Center for
 African and African American
 studies at the University of
 Michigan. Her many honours 
include the Commonwealth
 Poetry Prize (Americas
 Region), the Gold Musgrave
 Medal from Jamaica, and the
 Henry Russel Award from the
 University of Michigan.

On 25th October, Lorna will be exploring “The Poems That Made Me.” She will talk about the poems that influenced her as a young writer growing up in Jamaica. This free event takes place in St Chad’s College, starting at 9.00 pm. Those interested in attending should contact to reserve a place.

On 26th October, she will be presenting a special reading of her work for the Festival, including a newly commissioned poem. This event starts at 7.30 pm in Durham Town Hall. If you have not yet attended any Book Festival events or experienced the beautiful setting of Durham Town Hall, this is an ideal occasion to do so. For tickets and more information, see the Book Festival Programme.


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